6 Affordable Ways to Enhance Online Visibility for 2011

Posted By on December 7, 2010

Enhance Online VisibilityAs you prepare for the New Year, here are a few affordable ways to enhance your online visibility in 2011:

1)      Become a member of IndustrialWebSearch.com: Having recently acquired SourceLocal.com, and offering a number of special promotions for joining before the end of the year, the industrial search engine offers you a great way to reach targeted buyers as well as support your overall search engine effectiveness.

2)      Establish your Facebook page. Include your logo and brief description that identifies what you offer to your target audience groups. Invite customers to ‘Like’ your page by promoting it on your website. Include links to your YouTube Channel videos, blog, white papers, case studies, product sheets, or any information of interest to your target audience groups and customers. Add photos, start discussions, and post Events. Get your audience involved as much as possible.

3)      Establish a YouTube.com channel with your unique branding. Videos are a great way to introduce your target audience groups to all the ways you offer value. Whether you are teaching them how to use your products, demonstrating how your service solves a particular problem, or providing information you know to be of interest to them, short videos (60 to 90 seconds in length) are easy for your audience to engage with on their timetable not to mention share with friends and colleagues. Videos offer you long term value, allowing you to use them for any number of branding, educational, marketing, and sales initiatives. Call us at (800) 399-9859 to learn more.

4)      Claim your listings online. There are so many online listing services that generate ad revenue by posting your business information that they acquired from a third-party source. The problem is they don’t check with you first to make sure what they are posting is accurate and current. And often it is not. I told the story once before about a company we helped with our Listing Claiming Service that was being listed as a ‘charity’ because they had been involved in some charity work but were in fact a ‘brick and mortar’ that sold products and services to industrial and commercial businesses. So falling under the Category of ‘Charity’ was not good. Contact us to learn more about our Listings Claiming Services.

5)      Market Locally too. Whether you sell around the global, across the nation, or within a 60 mile radius, you can benefit from marketing locally. In addition to your Google Places account, there are several effective and affordable ways to market locally to ensure you have a strong presence for those buyers who identify a location in their search query. It is another way of ‘covering all your bases.’

6)      AdWords is still a good way to generate sales and branding. If you don’t have a big budget to spend on it then run ads for a shorter period of time according to a set schedule. The idea is to pop up occasionally so your target audience groups know you are out there. You can run a kind of mini AdWords campaign through your Google Places account although your really don’t get control over your keywords. Nothing beats a well-run, managed AdWords campaign no matter how conservative your budget is.

Contact Industrial Web Solutions to plan your online marketing for 2011.

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