Industrial Marketers and YouTube

Industrial Web Solutions offers Industrial Marketers help to use YouTube for video marketing.YouTube attracts a vast audience of viewers and account holders. It is no longer merely the place to watch fearless folk perform stupid tricks that break their bones or observe the wide array of weird animals inhabiting the nether regions of our strange and interesting planet. Manufacturers, integrators, and resellers of industrial equipment and solutions have discovered YouTube’s video marketing potential to brand and market. And industrial buyers and sourcing professionals looking for solutions are using it to uncover resources that help them with their operations and tasks.

To quote digital marketing expert Rob Graham, who has begun a month-long series for ClickZ to help marketers understand and use YouTube effectively: “it’s paramount we create media plans that allow us to reach our target customers no matter where they go.” Absolutely. Whether it’s via an industrial journal, a professional organization’s website, your site, or via social networking sites like YouTube, it is important you are adequately and accurately represented in several key places frequented by your target audience groups so that you avoid passing the opportunities to your competitors.

The initial value of YouTube to industrial account holders is that it does not cost anything to create a branded channel and post videos. But before you post anything to your newly established channel that bears your corporate or product branding organize your videos and think strategically about how your intended users could easily find and interact with your video content. For example, if you sell equipment that helps in manufacturing operations, you may find that organizing your videos by the task that has to be performed works best to attract your targeted audience groups. Or perhaps you need more than one category of organization such as ‘industry’ and ‘task.’ Whichever way you decide to organize your video posts, be sure that you understand why you are doing it that way and that it accurately corresponds to the way in which your intended audience searches for what you offer.

Next you will want to conduct a comprehensive keyword research in order to develop a working list of search terms you know to be used to search for what you offer. You will use your researched keyword list to:

  • Title your videos
  • Develop your scripts: if you haven’t developed your videos yet, it is a good idea to develop your video scripts using these keywords and phrases; remember keywords are about helping your targeted viewers connect with your material that corresponds to their interests; they are aided in identifying that material by coming across the same language they use to search for what you offer.
  • For all textual ad copy and corresponding keyword lists for Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaigns to promote and/or market your product/service videos.

Read the series I mentioned above, which will appear in ClickZ this month, for more detailed information about Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaign opportunities for your YouTube videos.

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